Beautiful Ballycastle

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Blog post no.2 coming to you from BEAUTIFUL Ballycastle on what must be the BEST day of the year so far in NI!  It is truly glorious here – barely a cloud in the blue sky and the sea a deep blue too and gorgeous shades of green all around.  It’s just magical.  My heart soared at the very idea that we are ACTUALLY gonna have a Plum Village retreat here in two weeks time – it really is a fabulous place LOVE it.  Please pray for this nice weather to return on 27 – 29 March 🙂

The Davey Village, Corrymeela where most people attending the retreat will be staying is just great – lovely, modern and the room where we will hold the main meditation talks etc is perfect.  Matt the guy who organises things is super helpful – he is going to provide a little-raised platform/stage for Sister Insight and flowers.  He asked me what kind and I said doesn’t matter but then I remembers Sister likes orchids so he’s gonna get some of them – no extra charge 🙂 I said he can keep the for his office after and he said win-win.  They’re all  lovely up in this part of the world :).
Everything seems easy and straight forward which is what we want keep everything simple and zen like 🙂
The cooks said are you SURE you want vegan as people are likely to ask for meat i said NO CHANCE that it is definitely a vegan retreat!  Apparently people say they’re vegan and then ask for a wee bit of chicken! Anyone who knows me, know this won’t happen with anything I’m organising 🙂
I went for a walk to make sure it will be ok for walking meditation with the Sisters and honestly i can report that its GLORIOUS!  The wild noise of the crashing ocean waves and the scenery is amazing 🙂
My only worry is that it will rain… but surely not!
There are still a few places left if you haven’t booked yet…  if you have booked please be excited its gonna be AWESOME 🙂 x x x

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