Beddy is here!

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Me n Beddy

Did you know I had a baby on 7 June 2021? An everyday event but for me it was HUGE. She is the most amazing creature ever! So cute! Totally gorgeous – we are in LOVE. I spend most days every day gazing at her with wonder – where did that lovely wee face come from?

Isn’t life a miracle? 🙂

Of course every child, every person is a miracle. We are alive and can breathe, see the blue sky and the green trees, hear the children play and dance to our favourite song – all is a miracle.

We can meditate and feel the life force, the peace and the vigour inside us, how wonderful.

For me Beddy is especially a miracle, her name is Bediha (pronounced bed e ha) and she was born just 4 weeks before I turned 47. I suffered miscarriages in 2017, 2018 and 2019. After the last miscarriage the private specialist we saw said there was little chance of having a baby due to my advanced age, so did the local IVF clinic – but a year and half later she was conceived naturally – what shock! What a worry – would it be ok?

It was probably a blessing that lockdown was happening as I could rest and teach via zoom. In normal times I’d be zooming across Northern Ireland from venue to venue every night.  In 2020 all I had to do was open the laptop.  Maybe that was the reason, maybe the time was right, maybe she’s a wee miracle? 

However a baby gets earthside they are all a miracle and I’m doing my best to enjoy and appreciate every moment. My husband and I are SO grateful every day and I have to say so far she is an absolute delight. She smiles every time she wakes up with a class wee sense of humour – it’s hard to believe humans come into a the world with a personality already?

Because my life has now changed utterly I’ll never be able to go back to teaching mindfulness classes the way I used to, but I will still always teach (as long as people want to come to my class) as I love it SO much and get so much from it.

Teaching mindfulness and self-compassion help me to stay sane and calm, two qualities I know I’ll need in abundance for the rest of my parenting journey.

I hope you will continue to support my Immeasurable Minds business – it means the world to me and I am still keen to speak at your workplace, organisation or conference and I’ll always have some public classes on offer – maybe not as much as I used to but there’ll always be something on offer – babysitting permitting 🙂

Sending LOTS of love out to all your wee miracles out there x x x

My first public class after maternity leave is on 17 October – read more here.

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