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Morning meditations #3 15 minutes for 5 days 6 – 10 April

This is a daily check-in, a morning mindfulness meditation to set us up for the day and help us all stay calm and centered during these challenging Coronavirus times.

Please register at the start of the week or before the week begins and then you get access to all 5 live group meditations. We go through the week together as a group.
You need to register a new each week as each week it may be a new group of people. It’s only 15 minutes (allow 20 minutes and please arrive on time because I can’t let you in once the meditation starts…) and it’s worth it. I’ve had amazing feedback every day so far…
People say things like ‘thank you so much this has set me up for the day’, ‘thank you this really helps’ or ‘thank you that was lovely’
This daily 5 day event is FREE especially for those affected by the current corona circumstances and those on low incomes.

I also free YouTube videos here: Immeasurable Minds YouTube Channel

And other longer more in-depth workshops for sale here, plus articles and tips on mindfulness: Immeasurable Minds Website

This daily 5 day event is FREE especially for those affected by the current circumstances and those on low incomes etc, if you can you are welcome to give a donation.

I know Eventbrite take a fee on your donations, there’s nothing I can do about it – they don’t take fees on free tickets 🙂

As with all my events you can avoid the fee by paying via Paypal or Bank Transfer – just email me on mindfulmind@outlook.com for the details.

Thank you and see you in the morning!

These classes are delivered via Zoom. I have people in their 70s now in my online classes so you can do it!

When you buy a ticket you will be sent a confirmation email with all the details you need to join the class at the appointed time. I will have an electronic record of everyone who has bought a ticket and will welcome you to the online class on arrival.

Here is an explanatory video from Zoom showing how to join – it is pretty intuitive and once you’ve done it once you will be grand 🙂
You can use Zoom from a web browser or from the zoom app which you can find on the iPad, iPhone or Android app stores. I believe the zoom app provides best experience…

30 March - 3 April

Dates: Mon 30 March - Fri 3 April 2020
Times: 8.00-8.15am
Location: Your own space
Cost: Donation based