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6-week mindfulness experience class – via zoom

A personal and friendly introduction to mindfulness practice. Suitable for new and experienced practitioners.

You will learn: 

  • how to practice mindfulness,
  • how to sit in meditation,
  • tips to practice in daily life,
  • how to do walking meditation,
  • mindful movement,
  • gratitude practice,
  • loving kindness practice,
  • mindfulness singing,
  • inspirational stories

Most importantly you’ll receive just over an hour of peace and tranquility in a virtual group of other local, like-minded people. You will be surprised how lovely and easy it is to connect and build a community online in this way, and for this reason numbers are limited. This will be the third weekly programme I’ve run like this. The other online courses have been a wonderful success.

In previous times this class would happen in the Namaste Centre on the Ormeau Road, where I’ve been teaching it for over 10 years, now it’s online via zoom.

Especially at this exceptional time for the whole world we will focus on practices to calm our nervous system and work with fear and anxiety. Also sending compassion to those struggling – including ourselves.

Suitable for all: from beginners to experienced practitioners with a beginners mind.

Come join us for an experience of peace in the midst of your week.

You can buy the course as a gift for someone – just ask them to give your name on the first night.

I have lots of free material that you can access via my social media pages. 

YES you can save the Eventbrite fee – you can pay via PayPal and bank transfer – just email me on mindfulmind@outlook.com for details. Once payment has been received I will send you the joining instructions.

Thank you.

When you buy a ticket you will be sent a confirmation email with all the details you need to join the class at the appointed time. Please scroll down the email – the zoom link will be there 🙂

I taught online classes every day (twice a day) via zoom from 23 March to the 26 June to support everyone though the the first stage of the pandemic so I am very experienced and capable of running these online classes.

I will have an electronic record of everyone who has bought a ticket and will welcome you to the online class on arrival. You are required to have video and audio to fully participate in the class. I also need to see you to know you are a real person and not a ‘zoom bomber’, you can of course switch off the video or point it away from you during the meditations.

You can use Zoom from a web browser or from the zoom app which you can find on the iPad, iPhone or Android app stores. I do not provide technical support for Zoom (there are lots of helpful videos on Google) so please ensure you are familiar with it before signing up, thank you 🙂

8 Oct - 12 Nov

Dates: Thursday 8 October - Thursday 12 November
Times: 8.00-9.15pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: £48