Buddhist Book Club – Part 2

It can be difficult to read a book with new concepts its so helpful to read together as a part of a supportive and interested group.

Bridgeen’s first Buddhist book club started last November 2021 with ‘the heart of the Buddha’s teaching’. It was a great success with 14 attendees who really enjoyed the opportunity to study the book together. (see what participants had to say below).

This is mainly for those who have already studied the first half of the book with Bridgeen. We will be starting at: PART THREE: Other Basic Buddhist Teachings

This is a 6 week course the dates are Tuesday 22 February, Tuesday 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 March.

Please read chapters 17, 18 and 19 in preparation for the first night❣️

Your should already have your own copy (in whatever format suits) of ‘the Heart of Buddha’s teaching’ by Thich Nhat Hanh and have read up to chapter 16.

Payment of the course fee is also accepted via Paypal.

Please email Bridgeen on mindfulmind@outlook.com for more information.

What they said about BBBC 1 part 1 in 2021:

“BBBC was a transformative experience which has helped me to become more mindful in so many unexpected ways. Bridgeen holds such a loving space for you to explore the inner workings of your mind and improve your mindful practices. This is such a worthy club which truly enriches your life experience. I would recommend it to everyone.”

“A wonderful way to come to these teachings.”

“Bridgeen is an amazing person with a wealth of information which I am so lucky to have shared with her since beginning of lockdown. Much Gratitude to you Bridgeen x”

“A perfect book to start with, wonderful open and insightful online community, feel good factor. Bridgeen is an uplifting’ fun and wise facilitator/leader :)”

“Learning, meditation, discussion connecting with others. What is not to love.”

“Bridgeen’s Buddhist bookclub is a truly wonderful thing! An opportunity to delve a little deeper into the Buddhist teachings. Having the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with a group of like minded practitioners has been both enlightening and uplifting and I am looking forward to the next chapter! Namaste🙏”

“An opportunity to learn with like minded people.”

“Expand your dharma with like minded people, its all good. :-)”

“There is nothing like active shared learning to transform our emotions.”

“Very helpful to read as a group. Being read sections also helped make points clearer. Sometimes hearing it read made it just click in my understanding. I also was comfortable not fully understanding, my need for learning and understanding became clear. I never felt this was a negative in fact the group supported me to accept that and enjoy the process of learning. Smaller groups also a nice way to get to know each other and to hear each other. It gave an opportunity to deepen the discussion and I felt it it lead to an even deeper discussion afterward. The meditations were a great way to start and overall the experience and learning has been a very nice way to spend a winter evening.”


22 February

Dates: Tuesday 22 February 2022
Times: 7.30-9.30pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: £80