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Deep relaxation class for Plum Village monastics

All of you who know me know I’m hugely influenced by Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) and his monastic community of Brothers and Sisters collectively known ‘Plum Village‘. It’s directly due to Thay and Plum Village that I now teach these practices. I have experience much joy, happiness and wisdom as a result of my travels to Plum Village and its practice centres around the world. I have been traveling to Plum Village, France every year since 2005 – it doesn’t look like I will make it this year. I was actually due to Visit Plum Village in Germany (The EIAB) at the start of April but obviously that had to be cancelled. All Plum Village centres have been in ‘lockdown’ for two months now, unable to receive guests or operate their small bookshops. These are their main areas of income to support the community. The monastic also travel around the world bringing their teachings to people who can’t travel to them, obviously they are unable to do that at this time too.

In 2007 after my first trip to Vietnam with Thay and the international ‘sangha’ (a community of practitioners) I set up a ‘sangha’ in my house and it was basically my first meditation class. Since then I’ve travelled around the world with monastics including a trip to Hawaii! Since 2009 I’ve been organising for the monks and nuns to come to Belfast give talks and offer practices here locally. I organised big retreats led by the Sisters in Corrymeela in 2015 and 2016 and even a retreat in Cavan. I know many of you benefited from these events over the years.

Today as I write this it’s 17 April 2020 exactly 8 years since Thich Nhat Hanh came to Belfast and gave a talk in Stormont and led a walking meditation down the Stormont mile. I always feel this to be my most proudest achievement! I thought it would change the world – and slowly it has, for me at least – and certainly since then other sanghas have started and many others have traveled to Plum Village, one Mick McAvoy from Omagh now lives there working on the ‘Happy Farm’.

Plum Village is a truly amazing place and they are still every day offering free meditations and teachings via their YouTube channel and they even have a free app with lots of practices.

I thought I would offer this event so you can get a direct benefit for your donation and that I could gather the collective good will locally in appreciation and support for Plum Village. You can choose to give through this eventbrite forum or contact me to give via bank transfer or paypal. I will total all the donations and give to Plum Village from the wider Northern Ireland sangha 🙂 I hope we can raise a few £100 🙂 Everything is possible right?

If your prefer you can go directly to their page and donate to them , just let me know and I will send you the zoom link for the deep relaxation class, if you tell me the amount you donated I can add it to the total the class raises.

Read my blog on what Thay said to me.

When you donate on Eventbrite you will automatically get an email with zoom log-in details for the ‘deep relaxation’ class on Friday 1 May. If you give in another way you need to email me on mindfulmind@outlook.com to get the Zoom code. Thank you .

Deep relaxation is my favourite practice in times of stress. I offered this practice freely on Good Friday and had lots of positive feedback so I thought I’d offer it again with some readings by Thay before and after the practice.

You get lie down and are guided into full body relaxation and rest. You know I usually sing to you in this practice – did you know all those songs come from Plum Village too? 🙂

I hope lots of you will join us.

A lotus for you.

Bridgeen x

To be clear there are 3 ways to contribute and join the class

1. just book via Eventbrite – you will get the class code in an automatic email.

2. send your donation to me and I will return with the class code.

3. give directly to Plum Village via their webpage – email me to let me know how much (so I can add it to the total raised from the class) and I will email you back the code 🙂

*Please note no one has asked me to do this, i’m doing it from my own initiative with great gratitude.

1 May

Dates: Friday 1 May
Times: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: Donation based