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Drop-in mindfulness class

I’ve been teaching this popular mindfulness class since 2008 when I first started offering it in Namaste Yoga Center on the Ormeau Road Belfast. Through the first lockdown March 2020 it has evolved to an online offering and as the pandemic effects spread into 2021 the class continues online…

Now more than ever the class has become like a ‘sangha’ – a community meeting to share harmony and awareness. Each class begins with a ‘check-in’ and sharing about our lives and in particular how we are practising mindfulness in the real world with all its challenges.

Some nights there may be a lot of people so lots of sharing and less time to meditate. There will always be at least one meditation. With drop-in there could also be small groups and more time to meditate, each week it will be different.

The class attracts people from all over with all levels of experience in meditation. Everyone is welcome – though it is helpful if you have meditated at least once before. You don’t have to share anything personal – just your name and your interest or experience of the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Thank you for your support and participation.

Classes cannot be rolled over if you miss it. They are subject to cancellation (you will receive a full refund in that case.)

Thursday nights

Dates: Thursdays till end of May
Times: 8.00-9.15pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: £8 per class