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MBSR practice class

A practice night for those who have completed the 8-week MBSR/MBCT course with me.

For ‘grads’ to come together with others who have also been through the same thing and support each other in their on-going  practice!

Also even for those grads who have stopped practising but would like to get back into it 🙂  

We will do some formal mindfulness practice for first hour and then have an opportunity for discussion and listening on the subject of ongoing practice.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

Depending on the venue (which will be determined by numbers) you can bring snacks to share 🙂

Please note this event is ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED AN 8 WEEK MBSR WITH ME. Do not purchase ticket if you have not done this course.

Tickets are not refundable unless night is canceled. Thank you for understanding.

3 June

Dates: Wed 3 June 2015
Times: 7-9.30pm
Location: TBC
Cost: £7