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New Year Retreat: Mindfully envision 2019

Start the new year with a clear vision of how you want really live your ‘one wild and precious’ life. Sometimes we get so busy and caught up that we have no time to reflect on where we are and where we are going, we need to take time out. Preferably in a peaceful beautiful place, like Drumalis Retreat Centre, Larne, Co. Antrim.

On our 2019 Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) retreat we will devote time to kind and compassionate mindfulness practices, relaxation, movement, good food, timeout in amazinly beautiful outdoors and time indoors to reflect and plan for the coming year.

It’s hard to believe that two days in Larne can reset your life for the year ahead but it really is possible, please read what people said about previous retreats, here at the end of this retreat description.

Arrive 10am on Saturday morning for home made scones and tea. All refreshments, vegetarian lunches and dinner and bread and breakfast in comfortable, clean hotel like accomodation provided.

All rooms are single and ensuite – however it is possible to request a double or twin to share with a partner or friend. Just let me know when booking and I will allocate appropriate room for you.

On the saturday night on these retreats I usually show an inspiring movie, the 2019 one has yet to be determined, watch this space.

Our thoughts become our reality – let’s take time to choose them carefully this year. It’s going to be a fun and special weekend, don’t miss it. : )

Check out the at the location here: http://www.drumalis.co.uk

It is possible to stay on the Friday night B&B if you wish.

What people said about my Drumalis MSC retreat in September 2016: “Great experience! Peaceful setting, couldn’t have been better! You really helped me understand mindfulness and ‘come home’. Edith Doran
“It was really lovely, I genuinely enjoyed all of it. It helped me relax completely. I want to explore this way of being more. My room was beautiful. The views over the garden were stunning.” Melissa Joyce
“Really appreciated the whole experience which was very calming and meditative. I liked the peaceful room, gardens and staff.” Eric Morrison
“I liked the mixture of style of meditaion/mindful practice, the permission to opt out, no pressure, no judgement. Loved the whole programme options and choices. Private room, very clean, lovely location. It was wonderful nuturing and supportive, thank you Bridgeen.” Julie
“I loved all of it. It came at really opportune time in my life, the loving kindess was especially great. The rooms were well appointed and comfortable. The surroundings very beautiful.” Terri
“I liked the space and time to stop and be and to remember who I am and what I have.Beautiful setting, calm and peaceful. It was wonderful, calming, steading, space, time, self-care, lovely group, lots of variety and chance to come home.” Pauline

“I enjoyed the guided meditations as it helped me to ‘switch off’, it has inspired me to get back to this practice. The setting and grounds were beautiful. The rooms were very comfortable.” Clare

“I liked all of the program, loved the time given to walking and private time. I found the silence difficult at the start during meals but felt it was beneficial. I liked the food and the clean tidy room and peaceful ambiance. Enjoyed the experience, it helped me to relax and taught me to love and be kind to myself so I can do this for others.” Tracey Sproule.

You can start collecting images and magazines now for your vision board (though I will also supply these!).

We also do a really cool fire ceremony so you are advised to bring warm outdoor clothing!

It is possible to pay offline contact me via mindfulmind@outlook.com

As always tickets for Immeasurable Minds events are not refundable or transferable. Thank you.

25-26 January

Dates: Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 January 2019
Times: 10am
Location: Drumalis, Larne
Cost: £250