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New Year Mindfulness Retreat

Ready to start 2015 with a positive, accepting, hopeful mind frame? Book this weekend mindfulness retreat and give yourself space and time to reflect on 2014 and make plans for a wonderful 2015.

The retreat will includes deep relaxation, mindful eating of wonderful food, silent walking and guided meditation. You do not need to have any prior experience to attend. You will be led easily through every step, so that you can really relax into the present moment. I held this retreat last January and it was deeply rejuvenating and healing. This weekend of mindfulness gives you the chance to stop, breathe, reconnect and take good care of yourself in an environment that helps create feelings of peacefulness and ease. As we take a quiet walk, stopping to look at the sights and to feel the fresh sea air… as we enjoy quiet eating together and the delightful practice of total relaxation… as we practice breathing deeply and calmly… we can gradually settle into a deep sense of well-being and contentment, leaving us rested and at peace.

Only 4 residential places available and 5 non-residential.

Residential place includes supper on Friday night, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and dinner on Saturday night.

Non-residential includes 2 lunches and dinner on Saturday night.

What should I bring? Wear comfortable loose clothes, a yoga mat and blanket. Just know that this weekend is for you, for your happiness, and for your well-being. In truth, if you don’t bring anything else, but just bring yourself and your willingness to be kind to yourself, that will be enough. Please feel free to call me with any questions. 07981623566.

9 January - 11 January 2015

Dates: Friday 9 Jan 2015 - Sunday 11 Jan 2015
Times: 7.00pm Fri - 4.00pm Sun
Location: The Hermitage Cottage 14 Drumnaconnell Rd., Saintfield BT24 7NB
Cost: £220 residential £160 non-residential