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Plum Village NI Retreat 2016: “living deeply, living truly”

Nourishing retreat: “Living deeply, living truly” led by Plum Village’s Sr Insight

This is the SECOND retreat led by Plum Village’s Sister Insight at Corrymeela. The 2015 retreat was such a success that we are back for an even BIGGER and BETTER retreat – is it even possible? Let’s make it happen.

This time Sister Insight will be accompanied by THREE other Plum Village Monastics.  Plum Village is the mindfulness practice centre/Buddhist monastery founded by Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (www.plumvillage.org) over 30 years ago in France.

Sister Insight will lead the retreat. She is a Senior Dharma Teacher within the Plum Village Mindfulness tradition. She ordained as nun 23 years ago and lives her daily life practising mindfulness and leading mindfulness retreats around the world. The weekend will focus on how we can establish live our daily lives more deeply in order to nourish ourselves and others. This will be a full immersion weekend with a wonderful opportunity to indulge ourselves in various mindfulness practices for creating ease in both body and mind, expertly led by the Sisters.

Due to the feedback last year this year there will also be a separate CHILDREN’S programme. There will be one Sister devoted to running the programme and support will be provided by parent volunteers as well as the trained Corrymeela volunteers. There is only a limited number of places for children and they must be aged 6-12 only.

Because it is bigger and better (up to 100 people can attend) we are taking over the whole Corrymeela complex. Both the ‘Davey Village’ and the main house. Corrymeela is set just above the picturesque village of Ballycastle on the stunning North Antrim Coast.

All meals and refreshments from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon are included in the cost of the retreat. As with last year and in line with the tradition of Plum Village all meals will be vegan. If this will be a first for you don’t worry the feedback about  the food was tremendous! And it’s so good for you!

Corrymeela is an open Christian community whose members, individually and together, are committed to embracing difference healing divisions and enabling reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the world. The Corrymeela Centre is an alcohol and drug-free environment. www.corrymeela.org

Retreatants are also asked to comply with the Plum Village Five Mindfulness Trainings while on the retreat.


Dana is a voluntary contribution offered directly to the monastics.  The price of a ticket for the retreat is set to cover your costs such as accommodation, food, the organisers cost of bringing the four Sisters from France and all their travel expenses, food etc while visiting.

It is part of tradition that Dharma teachings be given free of charge. It is then left to the individual to donate as they see fit.  This is done anonymously. This also nurtures a spirit of generosity and open-heartedness. Dana is normally left in a bowl, for that purpose, towards the end of the retreat.

Don’t wait, book now!

As per last year, the 2016 retreat is sure to SELL OUT so early booking is advised.  Please note the refund policy below.

Refund Policy – by purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to this refund policy

Up to 20 February 2016 – full refund minus £50 admin fee

Up to 31 March 2016  – full refund minus £100 admin fee

From 1 April 2016 – no refund.

15-17 April

Dates: Fri 15 - Sun 17 April 2016
Times: 4.30pm Fri - 4pm Sun
Location: Corrymeela, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim
Cost: £100 - £220