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Sailing through change – navigating life with the ancient art of Astrology

Sailing through seasons of change – navigating life with the ancient art of Astrology

-with New York’s Katrin Habia… in town for one week only…

Astrology is the ART of living according to the cycles of nature.  The phases of the Moon, movements of the planets and stars – the ancients used these celestial cycles to track the seasonal changes here on Earth.  Even with the manic pace of our modern lives, we can still gain a lot of practical wisdom from this deeply rooted tradition of seeing the interconnection of Heavens and Earth – “as above, so below”. 

We are in a shift of seasons: summer is starting to give way to autumn.  There are larger cycles of change at work as well: both Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, and Saturn, the stellar signpost of steady effort are changing signs. 

September brings us the Eclipse season- New Moon Solar Eclipse on Sept 13th, followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27th.   Eclipses signal sudden shifts – a bright new doorway opens with a Solar Eclipse, and an old way of life ends with a Lunar Eclipse.  You will receive clear and practical guidance on how to navigate these fast flowing waters – where to focus your energy for maximum growth in the areas of love, work, travel and inner adventures.   You will also get to EXPERIENCE these cosmic currents as Katrin takes you on a guided journey through the Sky-Map of 2015.  You will emerge energized, empowered and ready to embark on the adventure of your life.    

Katrin’s Bio

Orginally from Estonia, Katrin Haiba has lived in New York for over 20 years. Married to native to New York Matthew, she is an astrologer, energy healer, surfer and captain of the sailboat Lila.  She sees life as an ever-expanding journey, with playful possibilities and creative connections at every turn.  Cosmic curiosity has led her to learn meditation while crossing the Atlantic on a tiny sailboat and host adventure-retreats in the mountains of Mexico.  Her latest creation is cosmicwaveastrology.com (“your guide to surfing the universe”:), where she writes fun and empowering monthly horoscopes and articles on the current cosmic weather.  

Katrin says: “I see astrology as the ART of living according to the cycles of nature.  When we let the Cosmic Waves carry us, life starts to FLOW, we feel supported by the whole wide Universe.  It’s deeply healing and empowering to realize we are “in synch” with the unfolding of the larger story of Life.  It’s also incredibly practical – knowing where to focus our time and energy saves us from needless stress and useless “running around” 🙂

Limited spaces available.

Tickets are not refundable or transferable – thanks for your understanding.

* The picture above is of Katrin’s sailboat Lila sailing on the Pacific Ocean – can you spot Katrin and Matthew in it?? 🙂

18 August 2015

Dates: Tuesday 18 August
Times: 7pm - 9pm
Location: TBC
Cost: £20