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Unplug… for a day in Bray :)

UNPLUG yourself! Just for a day with a magical day of mindfulness this October…

We are delighted to announce an upcoming day of Mindfulness at Common Ground led by experienced teacher Bridgeen Rea from Belfast. This is a day of silent mindfulness practice, including meditation, body scan, mindful eating and loving kindness meditation.

Bridgeen has studied extensively with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and is a member of his Tiep Heim Order of Lay Buddhist practioners. She also qualified with Bangor University Wales and offers courses, classes and retreats of mindfulness and self compassion. She is a natural social butterfly but her specialist subject is silence so be prepared to challenge yourself!

Find out more about Bridgeen’s work here:www.immeasurableminds.co.uk or see her talk here: TEDxStormont talk.

The day will start at 10 am and finish by 4.30 pm on Saturday 17 October. Bring vegetarian food to share for a mindful lunch! Tea, Coffee and food prep facilities provided.

Booking is essential. A minimum of 10 participants will be required to ensure the day goes ahead. Deposit of 25euro required by end of September.

Costs –

60euros for the day/

50euros for common ground members

Please register your interest and any further queries here by replying to this email. We will then contact you directly to organise booking for the day.

Jay Roche – Secretary, Common Ground.

17 October

Dates: Saturday 17 October
Times: 9.30-4.30pm
Location: Common Grounds, Bray
Cost: €60