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December 2023

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Nourishing Winter Day Retreat
Nourishing Winter Day Retreat
Saturday 9 December 9.30 - 4.00pm
Christmas mindfulness class in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support
A yearly Christmas tradition - charity mindfulness class with chocolate meditation, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
Thursday 14 December 8.00 - 9.15pm
Online Winter Solstice Ceremony
Come celebrate the darkest day and the returning of the light...
Thursday 21 December 8.30 - 10pm

January 2024

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Positive Neuroplasticity Training
Beat the brain's negativity bias and find calm strength, confidence, and joy. Join us for an experiential journey to lasting happiness.
Tuesday 9 January 2024 7 - 9.30pm

February 2024

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Weekend Retreat at the Marine Hotel, Ballycastle
Escape the daily grind and treat yourself to a weekend of inner peace, rest and nourishment in the beautiful seaside location of Ballycastle at our special mindful self-compassion retreat at the Marine Hotel.
Friday 29 February - Sunday 25 February 5pm Friday - 3.30 Sunday

April 2024

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Spring Silent Retreat @Drumalis
Retreats are the BEST way to deepen your spiritual practice of meditation, mindfulness and self-care. Give your head peace.
Fri 12 - Sun 14 April 2024 4.30 Fri - 4pm Sun

November 2024

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Silent Retreat @Drumalis
A retreat is the best way to deepen your mindfulness practice and give your self a wee break xx
Friday 15 - Sunday 17 November 4.30 Fri - 4pm Sun

Nourishing Winter Day Retreat

Nourishing Winter Day Retreat

“From time to time, to remind ourselves to relax and be peaceful, we may wish to set aside some time for a retreat, a day of mindfulness, when we can walk slowly, smile, drink tea with a friend, enjoy being together as if we are the happiest people on Earth.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Join us on Saturday 9 December 2023 from 9:30am for tea, coffee and scones a full day of self-care and self-compassion.

Our retreat will be held in the Dunadry Hotel’s ‘Garden Room’ which as the name suggests is in the beautiful gardens of the hotel, which has its own set of peacocks roaming about!

Especially in December – things can get hectic for all of us, as much as it is the season of joy and good will very frequently we can all get so busy and caught up that we have no time to reflect on where we are, what we’re doing, and where we are going. We need to take time out. Preferably in a peaceful beautiful place, like the Dunadry Hotel where all our needs will be catered for.

This will be a true day of rest. We will be served hot soup, sandwiches and wraps (all vegetarian) for lunch. There will be lots of space, time, and silence with guided self-compassion practices to support your restoration. And we will end the day with a nice cup of tea/coffee and some gratitude practice.

Throughout the day, Bridgeen will guide you through various mindfulness and self-compassion practices and exercises that will help you cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. You’ll learn how to be kinder to yourself, and how to let go of negative self-talk.

It’s a real chance to deepen your practice. The schedule includes meditation, a mindful sense and savour outdoor walks and deep relaxation practices incorporating self-compassion and mindfulness.

Some experience in meditation, mindfulness, and/or yoga is desirable.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a supportive and nurturing environment. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

What people said about my previous retreats:

“Great experience! Peaceful setting, couldn’t have been better! You really helped me understand mindfulness and ‘come home’. Edith Doran

“It was really lovely, I genuinely enjoyed all of it. It helped me relax completely. I want to explore this way of being more. The views over the garden were stunning.” Melissa Joyce

“Really appreciated the whole experience which was very calming and meditative. I liked the peaceful room, gardens and staff.” Eric Morrison

“I liked the mixture of style of meditaion/mindful practice, the permission to opt out, no pressure, no judgement. Loved the whole programme options and choices. Private room, very clean, lovely location. It was wonderful nuturing and supportive, thank you Bridgeen.” Julie

“I loved all of it. It came at really opportune time in my life, the loving kindess was especially great. The surroundings very beautiful.” Terri

“I liked the space and time to stop and be and to remember who I am and what I have. Beautiful setting, calm and peaceful. It was wonderful, calming, steading, space, time, self-care, lovely group, lots of variety and chance to come home.” Pauline

“I enjoyed the guided meditations as it helped me to ‘switch off’, it has inspired me to get back to this practice. The setting and grounds were beautiful. The rooms were very comfortable.” Clare

“I liked all of the program, loved the time given to walking and private time. I found the silence difficult at the start during meals but felt it was beneficial. I liked the food and the clean tidy room and peaceful ambiance. Enjoyed the experience, it helped me to relax and taught me to love and be kind to myself so I can do this for others.” Tracey Sproule.

It is possible to pay offline contact me via

As always tickets for Immeasurable Minds events are not refundable or transferable. Thank you.

9 December

Dates: Saturday 9 December
Times: 9.30 - 4.00pm
Location: Dunadry Hotel, Antrim
Cost: £95

Christmas mindfulness class in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

A yearly Christmas tradition – a charity mindfulness class. For the 2nd year running the charity is MacMillan Cancer Support. (PLEASE give direct on this link, DO NOT donate on Eventbrite, thank you).

Right now, more than 3 million people including are living with cancer in the UK. By 2030 this figure will rise to 4 million.

Macmillan Cancer Support is there to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, by providing physical, financial, and emotional support. They pledge to do whatever it takes, no matter what a person’s needs are, they will listen and support them however they need. Please go to to find out more.

Last year we raised £659! I really didn’t expect to raise this much from one simple class but people are SO generous, so I’m putting the target at £500 this year – surely we can do it again??

Previously from the Charity Meditation class we raised over £300 for The Ormeau Partnership (refugee charity) in 2021. In 2020 we raised £300 for Mindwise, £290 for Headway in 2019, £236 for Action Cancer in 2018, in 2017 £294 for Hospice UK and in 2016 we raised £240 for Syria Relief, let’s see how generous we can be this year!

The class is a ‘Christmas special’ with some mindful chocolate eating at the end! You will need to provide your own chocolate or fruit for the meditation.

Last year’s class was the ‘16 Exercises on Mindful breathing’ which I since uploaded onto the website/app Insight Timer. You can listen to 14 of Immeasurable Minds FREE meditations on there if you want a taste of what to expect at the charity class.

This year’s class will be simple mindfulness practices, meditation and of course chocolate meditation (please supply your treat of choice!)

Christmas jumpers are welcome to add to the spirit 🙂 Though of course we’ll really only see you head n shoulders on zoom – but why not! It’s Christmas x x x

Everyone is welcome.

The suggested donation is £10. Thank you. Please give direct here.

I will post the link to the Just Giving Page on the day and can text it too you if you text or email me directly. If you haven’t got your zoom link by 14 December please text Bridgeen at 07981 623 566 or email her at

Find out more about Bridgeen via

Thanks for supporting my fundraising. Macmillan gives people with cancer everything they’ve got. If you’re diagnosed, your worries are Macmillan’s worries. Macmillan’s doing whatever it takes. But without your help, Macmillan can’t support everyone who needs them.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and secure. Your details are safe, JustGiving – they’ll never sell them or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs.

Even though the class is for charity – Eventbrite still takes a fee – so please don’t purchase a ticket here. Donate directly to the charity on this Just Giving Link.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you online 🙂 x

14 December

Dates: Thursday 14 December
Times: 8.00 - 9.15pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: Donation

Online Winter Solstice Ceremony

My intention with this offering is to bring a group together to contemplate and find comfort in the darkness, and healing and hope for renewal in the returning of the light. It is the season of contemplation…

This ceremony is inspired by traditional winter solstice ceremonies and my mindfulness practice. This is a ceremony about light but in the middle, we will meditate in the dark and then use our candles to welcome the returning of the light. We will also be evoking and thanking helping spirits! You are invited to leave behind your ordinary thoughts and concerns and fully join in, not just observe.

It is interesting to reflect for a moment on the Solstice. The solstice marks the moment in time when the sun’s path is at its shortest southernmost descent in the sky. The actual moment of the Winter solstice in 2023 will occur at 03:27 am GMT in the UK, but most people concentrate on the whole solstice day, which has been recognised by holidays and festivals in many cultures all over the world.

This shortest day lasts 7 hours 49 minutes and 42 seconds in London. This means that the length of day during the winter solstice is 8 hours, 49 minutes shorter than the summer solstice.

Come and join us for some time to connect and reflect on the ‘new’ year.

When you purchase a ticket please text me on 07981 623 566 and I will add you to the special ‘whats app’ group so you can receive the zoom code and information on how to prepare for the ceremony. You will need a number of candles!

thank you.


21 December

Dates: Thursday 21 December
Times: 8.30 - 10pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: £15

Positive Neuroplasticity Training

“The best way to develop greater happiness and other inner strengths is to have experiences of them, and then help these good mental states to become good neural traits. This is taking in the good: activating a positive experience and installing it in your brain.” 

— Rick Hanson in the bestseller “Hardwiring Happiness”

This Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) is an 8-week online course to learn how to:

  • Meet your needs to feel safer, more satisfied, and more connected – and less stressed, hurt, and resentful
  • Hardwire peace of mind, contentment, and self-compassion into your brain
  • Identify your own challenges and pain points and grow specific inner strengths to overcome and heal them

Our thoughts change the structure of our brains. Everything we do creates connections within the network of our brain, and the more you repeat something, the stronger that connection gets. These connections control our reactions, emotions, and behaviors, and affect our overall well-being.

Join Bridgeen, founder of Immeasurable Minds for an experiential journey into strengthening your positive connections for lasting happiness, resilience, peace, and inner strength.

In a peer-reviewed study on these methods, people reported statistically significant increases in happiness, resilience, and compassion, and decreases in anxiety and depression.

This training includes:

  • 20 hours of live teaching with Bridgeen from the comfort of your own space via zoom.
  • An Engaged Community – A ‘whats app’ support group to connect and share with your fellow peers on the course.
  • Experiential Activities -Deep, guided practices you can do anytime on your own or with a partner, to grow the strengths you need most
  • Handbook and Slides -The Positive Neuroplasticity Handbook (PDF), and downloadable slides to follow along and take notes. (Hardcopy of the handbook is available at additional cost).
  • Certificate of Participation – A downloadable PDF certificate with your name


This is a live, online training programme. The 8-week Cohort will begin on Tuesday 9 January 2024. It’s ok to skip a week but the course will not be recorded. The course will cover all of the following topics:

The Essence of Positive Neuroplasticity

Use your mind to change your brain

Use mindfulness to let be, let go, and let in

Overcome the brain’s negativity bias

Use HEAL to turn experiences into inner resources

Having, Enriching, and Absorbing Beneficial Experiences

Create beneficial, useful experiences

Intensify positive thoughts and feelings

Have a strong sense of being on your own side

See and believe in the good inside you

Linking Positive and Negative Material

Recognize and honor your deep needs

Grow the inner resources you need most

Stay in the “Green Zone”

Use positive experiences to heal wounds and empty places inside

Growing Strengths for Feeling Safer

Get the benefits of self-compassion

Manage threats with calm strength

Be less anxious

Rest in a sense of peace, contentment, and love

Growing Strengths for Feeling More Satisfied

Feel authentically successful at more things

Stay motivated

Pursue big goals without stress

Feel more thankfulness and joy

Growing Strengths for Feeling More Connected

Increase a genuine sense of self-worth

Release envy and resentment

Heal deep levels of old pain

Combine compassion and assertiveness



Is this course suitable for everyone?

The Positive Neuroplasticity Training is an educational program for the general public, with special benefits for coaches, counselors, educators, healthcare professionals, and human resources trainers. The Positive Neuroplasticity Training is NOT psychotherapy, nor treatment for any physical or mental health condition. Participants take responsibility for their own experience in the program. The Positive Neuroplasticity Training could be a useful resource for normal range experiences of anxiety, blue mood, stress, loneliness, and interpersonal conflicts, including for people in psychotherapy for these concerns. If you are engaging in psychotherapy while doing this course, please tell your therapist. Last, if you have serious psychological issues or a history of suicidality, complex trauma, psychosis, or other severe mental health issues, you should consider not participating in the Positive Neuroplasticity Training as it could stir things up for you without there being the option of individual support – you are advised to seek professional treatment.

What commitment do I need to make to this course?

The course entails 8 Tuesday nights through January -February 2024. Outside the course commitment, you are encouraged to practice the new skills throughout the week, just a few minutes a day will reap benefits. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

How long is each class?

There are a total of 8 classes in this program. Each class is about 2.5 hours long, including didactic presentations and guided practices.

Do I need any experience or to do any reading or preparation?

No, you just come as yourself no experience or reading is necessary. However, you may wish to read Rick Hanson’s wonderful, best-selling book (on which the course is based) Hardwiring Happiness.

What technical I need?

You need to be able to use Zoom video conferencing software and the ‘Whats app’ messaging service. Please ensure you are familiar with these before booking the course.

Can I pay in installments?

Paying in installments is possible by arrangement with Bridgeen. Please email her directly proposing a payment schedule, full payment of the course is due by 9 January 2024. The early bird price can be secured by a £50 deposit before Friday 8 December 2023.

Are there other ways to pay to save the Eventbrite fee?

Yes you can save the booking fee and pay via Paypal or Bank Transfer – please email Bridgeen directly at to get details

What is the difference between this course and other mindfulness and self-compassion-type courses I have done before?

Mindfulness and self-compassion are touched on in this course also, however this course focuses especially on CHANGING your brain structure to become happier and take in the good. In my (Bridgeen) opinion the PNT is it is the missing piece in all other mindfulness training. I’m really excited to bring it to you.

What qualifications does the trainer Bridgeen have?

Bridgeen has an MSc in Mindfulness Based approaches from Bangor University. She is also qualified and accredited in Mindful Self-Compassion, Yoga, and Reiki. She has been teaching since 2007. And became a student of Thich Nhat Hanh in 2005 Ordaining with the name ‘True Profound Happiness’. She first studied this PNT with Rick Hanson himself in a week long intensive in Dublin in 2017. You can see her professional listing on Rick’s site here (the only official trainer in the UK and Ireland). You can read more about her bio elsewhere on this site.

Are you a therapist, coach, doctor, mindfulness teacher or educator?

After taking this Positive Neuroplasticity Training with Bridgeen you can go on and take the Professional Course with Rick Hanson to learn how to use these powerful methods with others.

Can you tell me more about the professional course?

The Professional Course teaches you practical applications for using Positive Neuroplasticity with others. It is perfect for therapists, healthcare providers, educators, business consultants, trainers, coaches, and mindfulness, and yoga teachers – as well as parents. You will learn how to: – explain the science – teach the methods – use practical tools to change habits and build motivation – help people with stress, loss, relationship issues, and trauma The Professional Course is a video course that you can download or stream at your leisure. It will be made available to you once the 12-week Positive Neuroplasticity Training is complete, and you will have access to the videos indefinitely.

Have another question? email your trainer Bridgeen directly at

BOOK NOW – Start Growing the Inner Strengths You Need Most X

As always – tickets are not refundable or transferable – thank you for your understanding.

9 January

Dates: Tuesday 9 January 2024
Times: 7 - 9.30pm
Location: Your own space
Cost: £250

Weekend Retreat at the Marine Hotel, Ballycastle

This will be a heart-opening, refreshing retreat weekend to nourish, soothe and rest the body and mind.

PLEASE book via the hotel directly not with Bridgeen, all details including the schedule are here:

This mindful weekend will be tailored to all levels of experience so that even if you’ve never practiced mindfulness before you will be able to learn and enjoy simple practices including mindful movement on the beach, outdoor mindful walking, breathing meditation, self-compassion, and deep relaxation practices. Not to mention delicious locally sourced vegetarian food from Marconi’s Bistro at the Marine – all included.

So imagine yourself on 23 February 2024 as you step into the Marine Hotel, feel the weight of the world effortlessly lift from your shoulders as you check into your modern room. The air is crisp, carrying the soothing sounds of rustling leaves and the gentle scent of the sea as Spring is just beginning. Surrounded by views of the sea you’ll instantly find yourself immersed in a serene and harmonious atmosphere as you step into the first mindful session…

Bridgeen will lead you to a profound exploration of mindfulness and self-awareness. Through a carefully curated program of meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and guided contemplation, you’ll learn to quiet the chatter of your mind, let go of stress, and embrace the present moment. You enjoy meeting like-minded people as you nourish your body and soul with nutritious meals. Savouring each bite mindfully, fully immersing yourself in the flavours and textures, allowing each meal to become a sacred experience of gratitude and nourishment.

Enjoy soul-nurturing activities such as meditation, nature walks, and gentle mindful movement sessions. Connect with fellow retreat participants in meaningful conversations, sharing insights, and building lasting friendships based on a shared pursuit of inner peace.

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or new to the practice, our retreat welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels. You will be guided every step of the way, allowing you to deepen your practice and embrace the transformative power of mindful self-compassion.

Leave our retreat on Sunday 25 February feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and equipped with the tools to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Carry the essence of this experience, the peace you’ve discovered within, and the lessons learned, knowing that you have embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery that will continue long after you depart.

Book your place directly with the hotel now and embark on a life-enhancing meditation retreat that will nourish your mind, body, and soul. Embrace the serenity that awaits and rediscover inner harmony in nature’s gentle embrace.

PLEASE book via the hotel directly not with Bridgeen:


23 February - 25 February

Dates: Friday 29 February - Sunday 25 February
Times: 5pm Friday - 3.30 Sunday
Location: Marine Hotel, Ballycastle
Cost: From £310