Debbie Ranger, deeply missed.

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I had this table set up at my wedding service on 30 September to remember my friend Debbie who would have been there.

I’m putting this blog post up as permanent record of my message published via Instagram and Facebook about the passing of my friend Debbie.  The pic above is from my Belfast wedding.  The vase is one Debbie gave to all of us at her funeral on the 18 September 2017 in Coventry.  The booklet was designed by her Sister. xxx

On 5 September 2017 my dear friend Debbie Ranger passed away. She was 48 years old. I’d known her from my first year in Ulster University, Jordanstown when I was 19. For 24 years she was a constant. A kind, reliable friend who was always supportive and full of fun. Debbie lived in England but from she graduated she came back to Northern Ireland every year, sometimes twice a year. She was always there for our group of uni friends. She came over for weddings, birthdays, any occasions often we got together just because the occasion was ‘Debbie’s back’. She even came to Ibiza for my 40th celebrations.

This above is picture is Helen, me and Debbie in Septemberptember 2016 in Spain. The loss of Debbie will be felt at all our special occasions for a long time to come. Debbie was so thoughtful. Had she been well she would have been at my weddings. She was so happy for us, she saw the photos of our Turkish wedding days before she passed away and said I was beautiful. It is so bitter-sweet even in her last days Debbie was thinking of her friends, thinking about and caring for others happiness.
When I returned from Turkey there was wedding card from her with heartfelt congratulations and beautiful message for us, she had asked her family to buy and post it. She handwrote the message even though it was difficult for her. She had already passed away when we received it. None of us know how much time we have on this earth or how long we have with our loved ones – it really is a poignant reminder to treasure every moment of this short life.
Debbie found out she had a terminal brain tumour in March this year. She suffered a lot these past six months. It was devastating. So many of us worry about ageing but it will be the lucky ones who will get that chance.

Debbie will be sorely missed by all her Belfast friends, her colleagues at Warwick University and her family, including her mum and dad her brothers Stephen and Paul and her sisters Beverly and Sharon. We are deeply sorrowed at her untimely loss. Rest in peace my dear friend Debbie. #ImmeasurableMinds #mindfulness#selfCompassion #love #breathe

  • Sunday 17 September Helen is running the Belfast Half Marathon in aid of the Myton Hospice where Debbie stayed during part of her illness. Please donate if you can.
  • Debbie’s younger sister Sharon has also set up a Justgiving page in Debbie’s memory in support of The Brain Tumour Charity.

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