Final Whiteabbey Mindful Walk, in memory of Thay

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walking meditation in Whiteabbey

My teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, passed away on 22 January 2022. A week later I held a mindful walk in Whiteabbey, to commemorate his life.

I first met Thay in Plum Village, France in July 2005, and from that moment he had a huge life-changing impact on my life. (Please click here to read the previous blog I wrote about the impact Thay had on me.) He was a huge, influential advocate, teacher, and practitioner of mindful walking as a healing, peaceful and effective daily practice.

Over 30 people came to that first mindful walking event in Whiteabbey and so, encouraged I decided to make a commitment to hold a walk on the last Sunday of EVERY month in 2022. I’m happy to say that I did it. Some months there were over 15 people (plus a couple of dogs – Buddy and Bonnie mainly) others only one or two… but miraculously it NEVER rained on us.

While I would like to continue the monthly walks they are a big commitment and I’m committed to lots of activities this year, plus my baby is now 19 months and wants to get out and walk too – but not in a straight line, and not the whole way, and NOT in silence! 🙂

As I can’t always guarantee someone to be there to be with her I think it’s best to wait till she’s a bit older before re-committing! This doesn’t mean that walks can’t happen if enough people are interested. Watch this space…

This final walk on Thay’s 1st anniversary on Sunday 22 January 2023 is FREE. On my Eventbrite page, I’m asking for a donation, as what I also noticed is that when the event is free spam or bot accounts sign up and pollute my email database. Every month I got about 10 of these! But you don’t need to register here just turn up at the location. If you do donate I’ll put the funds into my return to Plum Village with the family savings 🙂

Details on the day:

  • Meet 11am at the top of Glenavana Manor, where the ‘big white stones’ lead to the glen.
  • Form a circle and sing some Plum Village songs (this is how every mindful walk starts in Plum Village).
  • A silent mindful walk through the Glen.
  • Stop for tea at end of practice (bring your own cup/flask).
  • Sharing is optional but encouraged at tea break.
  • Walk back freely not silent. 🥰
  • A short instruction in mindful walking will be given for newcomers. Everyone who would like to experience the practice is welcome.
  • Dogs and children are most welcome but you must take responsibility for them, Immeasurable Minds cannot accept responsibility. Please note – we will be practicing walking in silence so if your children or dogs won’t like this then they are not suitable. If they can adapt both children and animals will profit from the peace generated by the practice, please consider the group when bringing children and animals.

The monthly mindful walks throughout 2022 happened on:

  1. 30 January
  2. 27 February
  3. 27 March
  4. 24 April
  5. 29 May
  6. 26 June
  7. 31 July
  8. 28 August
  9. 25 September
  10. 30 October
  11. 27 November
  12. 18 December


I’m SO HUGELY grateful to Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) I wanted to do something to mark his passing as his only request ever was always just for us to practice for him, to breathe for him, and to walk for him. For example, for his 80th birthday, he asked people to have a mindful cup of tea every day as a gift for him. So we can do that too. 🫖🍵

, it’s hard to express the magnitude of his influence on me but I’m not the only one. In every county of the world people’s lives and hearts have been enormously affected and changed by Thay, his teachings, and his Plum Village community.

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