How to practice the 3-step mindful self-compassion break (video)

Tonight sitting in my meditation room I decided to make a video for you all on how to do a ‘self-compassion break’. This short, kind mindful practice was devised by Chris Germer and Kristen Neff. There are 3 simple steps…

1. Mindfulness of difficulties

2. Our common humanity

3. Kindness

If your are interested in learning more about mindful self-compassion checkout my classes for more in-person workshops and courses. Please feel free to share this if you found it helpful, I really welcome feedback too, thank you🙏

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2 responses to “How to practice the 3-step mindful self-compassion break (video)”

  1. Love the videos and in reality your workshops are great, my first workshop left a lasting impression on me and my thoughts…

    • Aww Marty that is SO kind of you, thank you. I really appreciated your donation on Insight Timer too. It was my first and only donation and I was hugely thrilled. 🙂

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