Mindfulness for organisations

Immeasurable Minds for Workplace Wellbeing

Our Mindfulness Works and Wellbeing courses can help you and your people more be more productive, creative and fulfilled.

It is very important that the mindfulness and wellbeing teacher you choose follows UK best practice guidelines and is registered and accredited. See Bridgeen’s listing on bemindful.org here.

Mindfulness is more than a tool it is a way and path to become a happier and more fulfilled human being. Just the sort of person you want working with you and for you.

Successful and fulfilled people can manage their stress, remain objective, be responsive rather than reactive, show compassion to themselves and others as well as build trust with colleagues and stakeholders. Mindfulness training has been clinically proven to help build these resources, as well as building confidence and resilience.

Can you put a figure on how much your organisation loses through stress-related absenteeism?

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17 – mindfulness training can help prevent and manage this. See the latest report here.

Cutting edge companies who have already successfully offered mindfulness programmes include: Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Google (who have their own mindfulness program) and Yahoo.

Immeasurable Minds has offered mindfulness training to numerous local companies including TESCO, Deloitte, the Public Health Agency and the Utility Regulator (see more below).

WATCH this short film where CBC’s News Anchor Anderson Cooper from America’s ’60 Minutes’ explores the practice and benefits of mindfulness.

Who should attend an Immeasurable Minds for business course?

  • Executives and managers who want greater creative focus and clarity
  • Individuals and groups who are experiencing high levels of stress
  • Those who need to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and customers
  • Managers who need effective techniques to reduce conflicts in their teams
  • Those who are involved in reorganisation and downsizing
  • Individuals who want to be more productive and less distracted
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy their work and life more.

What are the benefits of an Immeasurable Minds business course?

  • Greater wellbeing
  • Clearer thinking
  • More effective communication
  • More creativity and stronger leadership skills
  • Better teamwork
  • Improved ability to address conflict
  • More awareness of personal stress and how to prevent it
  • Greater ability to cope with and manage change
  • The ability to respond rather than react by breaking habitual patterns of behaviour
  • Fewer somatic illnesses

Immeasurable Minds services – tailored courses also available

1. Mindful coaching

One-to-one coaching in mindfulness and wellbeing techniques for greater calm and clarity at work. Increase your capacity to focus and get away from the myth of multitasking. Download the application form for one to one mindfulness coaching. Contact for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

2. Taster Sessions

A tailor-made one-hour introduction to Mindfulness. Find out what mindfulness is and get a chance to experience the practice first hand and ask questions. Bridgeen is experienced at giving talks on mindfulness and wellness for up to 500 people. Contact for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

3. Half-day or full-day tailor-made workshops

These enjoyable workshops enable attendees to gain a fuller insight into the practice of mindfulness and self-compassion, plus the opportunity to de-stress! Contact for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

4. Four-week mindfulness course

The training consists of 4 x 60 or 120 minute group sessions which can be taken on a weekly basis or flexibly over a longer or shorter period of time. Participants learn how to use mindfulness in daily life. These sessions are held in the workplace at any time of day. Individuals normally attend once a week and practice the techniques daily for 10 mins with a downloadable MP3.  By the end of this course, the participants will have a good working knowledge of effective techniques that can give them a competitive edge and enhanced wellbeing. Contact for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

5. Mindfulness Immersion

One- or two-day experiential courses to allow a deeper dive into mindfulness and self-compassion practices, enabling participants to learn and experience the main practices of mindfulness so they can develop their own personal practice and be more effective in both their work and home life. Offered in a ‘retreat’ setting, courses can be developed on a bespoke basis. These are a proper ‘away day’ experience.  In 2018 I offered 7 days of mindfulness for local charity Cause. I also offered a ‘retreat’ format for social workers from the local Health Trusts and the Extern Organisation. In February 2020 Bridgeen delivered two retreat days at Belfast Castle for the Youth Justice Agency – they loved it. 🙂

Contact us for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

6. 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Traditionally taught weekly over a two-month period, this is the gold standard for mindfulness training. The effectiveness of this programme has been tested and researched for over 30 years. This course requires a big commitment on the part of your organisation. Now offering the latest up-to-date and researched program from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Participants come to a two-hour class every week for eight weeks and also complete a full day retreat, as well as committing to 45 minutes of home practice daily. A comprehensive workbook and MP3 practice downloads included for each participant. If you seriously want to bring about transformation this is the course to do. Contact us for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

7. Mindful Self-Compassion workshops

I have been delivering these 2-hour workshops to the public every month since May 2014 and I can also deliver them privately to your group or organisation.  I have offered these workshops across NI and in Australia. An introduction to mindfulness and self-compassion is a great way to give your people a boost and to help them become happier and more relaxed with great tools to take away. Contact for more info and to book: info@immeasurableminds.co.uk

8. Inspirational talks at your conference or event

I’m an experienced deliverer of ‘talks’ on the benefits and power mindfulness and wellbeing practices to transform and inspire. I do this on a regular basis, for example in for ‘Galentine’s night’ on the 13 February 2020 I gave a talk on wellbeing including ‘chocolate meditation’ for Evolve Women. In April 2019 the 26th Annual Scientific Meeting for the Ulster Gynae Urology Society (UGUS)  took place in Craigavon, I addressed the conference and talked about mindfulness for pain. I also spoke at the Galgorm Hotel to a group of KPMG Tax consultants in May 2019. In June 2018 I spoke to 400 people in the Great Hall, at Queen’s University Belfast for the Faculty of Medicine. For the past five years I’ve given a talk to counselling students at the Northern Regional College. I gave a 12-minute talk for TEDxStormont in September 2014 to 200 people and six cameras! In February 2015 I talked to 70 Chief Executives at the Chief Executive’s Forum in Belfast.  In March 2012 I gave a talk on mindfulness to 50 Senior Managers in the Social Security Agency. In June 2015 I’ve delivered talks for Women in Business, RSM McClure Watters and Tesco.  In 2017 I ran sessions for the Allied Irish Bank, Tesco, Workspace, Smarts Communicate and Tourism Ireland.

Organisations Immeasurable Minds has worked with, include:


I have found the feedback to be overwhelmingly positive with participants telling me they have used the practice improved their lives at home as well as in the workplace.

“I really enjoyed the session and was surprised how comfortable I was taking part in the exercises  and discussing my issues in a group environment.

 Hearing what others are going through also gave me a renewed empathy with my colleagues and I will be more aware of this in the future.

I would say that a big part of the session being so successful was Bridgeen’s personality and presence.  She really made me feel that I could really immerse myself in the  experience.” Attendee, Aviva Insurance, Belfast, 2019

“Immeasurable Minds has brought mindfulness alive for TESCO managers and colleagues.  Our people really responded to Bridgeen’s accessible, informative and intuitive approach.  The impact of the training has enabled our managers to have greater self-awareness, to be more focused and more present for our customers and colleagues alike. We found that once she had delivered training for one group – word spread and others also wanted it.  Personally, I have found training in mindfulness with Bridgeen to be one of the single most effective and helpful programmes I‘ve ever undertaken.”

Roisin Loughran, Lead People Partner, Tesco Northern Ireland

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say how wonderful I found the Mindfulness session at our team day on Tuesday. I found Bridgeen very inspirational and passionate. I took a lot out of the sessions, how refreshing and re-energising the practice was. It was not something that I knew very much about before Tuesday but after my taster I am very intrigued to learn and experience more around mindfulness. It was a fantastic opportunity for our team to experience.”   Vicky, Manager @ TESCO NI

“Thank you so much for yesterday evening everyone enjoyed the session immensely and they are all talking about it and trying to practice a little today.

I am definitely keen to attend one of your workshops myself when I can manage it.

Thanks 😊”

Sarah Connolly Central Reservations Manager @ Hastings Hotels 2018

“Bridgeen introduced Deloitte Belfast employees to Mindfulness as part of the Deloitte wellness programme. I found Bridgeen extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. She set the scene as you have to do in the corporate world and went into the benefits of practicing mindfulness for employees both inside and outside of work. The session gave those that attended a different perspective on their jobs, and life in general and explained how mindfulness can manage the stresses and strains of daily life. This was purely a taster session for staff, but I look forward to booking Bridgeen again for a more in-depth session.”
Claire McAleenan, Deloitte Belfast

‘Bridgeen was fantastic in bringing the benefits of Mindfulness to our team in an engaging and interesting way – and definitely left us all thinking of how we would implement some of her techniques in our everyday working lives’. 

Natasha Catherwood, ESPORTIF, Head of Commercial Ireland 

“We have introduced a monthly session of Mindfulness at our agency. Those attending the hourly sessions have found it very beneficial and really enjoyable – giving them time out of their busy work schedules to focus on themselves and re-charge the batteries.”
Helen Blakley, Director, Genesis Advertising, Belfast.

“Bridgeen’s MBSR course introduced me to some meditation practices I hadn’t tried before such as mindful walking and mindful eating. I particularly enjoyed the day of silence where Bridgeen gently guided us through a range of meditation practices that she had shared with us throughout the course. It was a very peaceful experience.”
Dympna Johnston, Greater Shankill Partnership

“All of us really enjoyed Bridgeen’s Introduction to Mindfulness Course. She really did bring some ‘harmony’ to Harmony Hill! We’re hoping she will come back next year and do another course with us!”
Donna Hancock, Chairperson, Harmony Hill Community Group

Liz Hanvey from Blossoms at Larne Lough had this to say about mindfulness sessions held there:

“Bridgeen is without a doubt the most experienced and knowledgeable mindfulness teacher I have ever come across. Our clients gain so much from her work with us and this is exactly why she is our permanent Mindfulness Teacher at our therapy garden. I have also completed Bridgeen’s 8 week MBSR course, which is something I would highly recommend to anyone. Mindfulness is becoming more popular by the day, and I am so fortunate to be working with Bridgeen, who is the best in her field.”
Liz Hanvey, Horticulturist Therapist, Blossoms at Larne Lough

Immeasurable ran a bespoke course for three Groundwork NI staff:

“I attended Bridgeen’s mindful walking course to compliment a project I was starting in work. The techniques in meditation and mindful walking that Bridgeen taught have not just helped me in my work and project delivery, but also inspired me to be mindful in other everyday situations. My job is often stressful and now when I feel anxious I am able to use breathing and meditation to find calm in any situation. This has impacted positively in my work and personal life. Bridgeen is a welcoming and understanding teacher of mindfulness which helped me feel at ease being a novice to this practice. While being a wealth of knowledge and experience she also understands the difficulties people face in their busy lives; encouraging but not judging. I am now looking forward to starting the MBSR course to further develop my mindfulness skills.”
Barbara Wallace, Project Development Officer, Groundwork NI

Immeasurable Minds held two mindfulness workshops for the Public Health Agency (PHA) on the theme of raising resilience. The day included an artist, Patrick Sanders, who drew as I spoke. PHA used Patrick’s pictures to reflect the comments and feedback given on the day by staff. An extract from his work is below. Elaine O’Doherty, PHA Health and Wellbeing Improvement Manager commissioned me to deliver the workshops. She said:

“I feel that Patrick’s drawings capture very well the breadth, depth and practical usefulness of the introduction and training that you gave at our event.

On a personal note, I wish to say that through the two of your training sessions that I attended, you gave me my initial introduction to Mindfulness. I feel that the approach you take strikes a good balance between appropriate exercises (performed in a group setting) and information on the science and the evidence base on the effectiveness of the technique. I found the training enjoyable and rewarding in the sense that I have continued to practice the techniques you taught and have since undertaken further reading and personal study on the subject.”
Elaine O’Doherty, Health and Wellbeing Improvement Manager, Public Health Agency


This testimonial from Mervyn at the Northern Regional College (NRC) is quite long and detailed so i have put it on a link – enjoy! 🙂

Links on the benefits of mindfulness in business

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INSEAD, July 2014: Why Mindful Individuals Make Better Decisions

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Harvard Business Review, Feb 2015 tell us how Meditation literally changes the brain & the business benefits of this.

Stanford News, May 2015, Compassion is a wise and effective managerial strategy, Stanford expert says

UK MPs are calling for mindfulness to be readily available BBC report, Oct 2015.