Is this old now? :)

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Old Me and Beddy with matching dresses

I just want to share pics of my baby every days she’s such a wee star!

it was my birthday on Friday the 8 July and we had a lovely family holiday in Ballycastle, visiting Rathlin Island and wearing matching dresses so that was good excuse to share some pics? 🥰☀️

I’ve now turned 48 and I’m thinking this is old now… or definitely middle age… 👵🏻 I’ve probably been alive longer than I will continue to be alive though I reckon another 40 years could reasonably be on the cards (right? 🔮) I mean who knows?

Every year we are alive is a blessing or to quote one of Thay’s poems “each day you’re alive is a gem shining through containing earth and sky water and air. It takes us to breathe gently for the miracles to be displayed…” so yes maybe a bit older now but still very much alive and in awe at the wonder and blessings of each and every day. 🥰💖

There is SO much to be grateful for🙏🏽 I’m especially grateful for family and friends for making this wee trip possible🙏🏽 I’m grateful for cake, sunshine, Buddy, Beddy and Muhutin (my husgand) ❤️ I’m grateful for the kindness of strangers, boats and chippies 🙂

I hope you can reflect on all you have to be grateful for today and not worry too much about wrinkles, it’s being alive that counts not the number. “Because we are alive, everything is possible.” 🥰🥰🥰🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🌷🌷🌷🌻🌻🌻#gratefuleveryday #stillalive #gettingolder #wiser#birthdaygirl #twinningwithmybaby

This blog first appeared as an Instagram post on my instagram feed (and on my facebook page) as it was so popular and prompted many comments I thought I’d share it hear on my website too. Your feedback is always welcome, let me know if there is anything you’d like me to blog about! Bx

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