Spring Chicken

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spring chicken

My wee Beddy boo is 8 months old tomorrow and never have I seen such joy than that which comes from her, she loves to play and have fun. We’ve made a wee play pen for her and she’s wearing her hand knitted clothes from her Turkish Auntie Rabia. We all love her SO much and she is SO full of life!

Robbie Williams (he of Take That fame) has a song called ‘I love my life’. He wrote it for his daughter and in it he sings that he wants her to grow up and say ‘I love my life, I am powerful, I beautiful, I am free’.

He wishes her to grow up and lead a wonderful self-assured life where she loves herself. And who wouldn’t wish all these thing for our children, but what happens to us? We were once wee spring chickens too but somewhere along the way we get a bit older, jaded, fed up, beaten up by life?Somewhere along the way we often forget the importance of that goal of loving ourselves and loving our life. My ‘self-love’ workshop next sunday is a step towards reclaiming that loving wish for ourselves.

February is the month of love, make it the month you turn towards yourself with more kindness…

If you can’t make the workshop check out my FREE ‘loving kindness’ meditation here.

Check out the details of my self-love retreat here.

Register soon because space is limited.

We hope you’re able to join us!

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