They call it puppy love…

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Buddy with his tongue out

For Valentine’s Day 2021 I put the a pic of my hubby and my puppy up on Instagram (click the link to see the pic), basically a wee tribute to my cockapoo Buddy and the joy he has brought us…:

Not sure which one I love more?!❤️ I mean only one of them in the past few days: broke my favourite cup; ate my concealer; stole the toothpaste; knocked over a plant spilling soil everywhere; chewed the table; ate a whole soda I’d taken outta the bread in for breakfast and slabbered all over my new slippers I’d bought to replace the the two pairs he chewed to death…. But you know that’s love for ya… As the good book says ‘love is kind, love is patient, love does not keep a record of wrongs’ (though I just did for purposes of illustration 😅) 💖.

Puppy love is def strong in my life right now even though he is a torture! I have to recommend a dog to anyone who would like more love in their life 🥰🐶. If you’re lonely, if you need more exercise, if you want a child/baby substitute, if your preparing for a baby arrival one day, if you’ve just gone through a break up, if you want a friend for your child or yourself, if you want something to bring the whole family together, if you like affection, if you like to play… then really – get a dog! 🐩 🥰

I never had a dog in my life ‘till I got Buddy and now he’s now my 100% bestie. I’m sure lockdown has accelerated our relationship and I’ve no idea how we’d cope with having to leave him in normal life but really what he has brought to us is nothing but love (and mayhem 🥰).

This was meant to be a happy Valentines post about my two loves but really it’s the best advice I can give. Get a dog, get and give more love 💗 🐕 🥰 Of course these two aren’t my only loves, chocolate is way up there 😅 🍫 I made this ‘Valentines cake’ for our romantic dinner last night but we were to full to eat it! 😋. Don’t worry I won’t fed it to Buddy knowing that chocolate is toxic to dogs! #itsawholenewworld 

Lastly, don’t forget to love yourself too… our love is incomplete if we don’t include ourselves. All love stems from self love. So take care of yourself today. If you’d like a whole day of caring deeply for yourself I have a retreat day on offer next Saturday 💕💕

I offer mindful self-compassion workshops every month x x x

 #puppylove #happyvalentines #getadog #myloves #dontforgettoloveyourselftoo

(This post was first issued via my instagram on 14 February 2020)

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