Valentines ‘v’ real love

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my valentines roses

I know that now really it’s a manufactured ‘hallmark day’ designed to boost retail sales and we shouldn’t distill love into one day and whether or not we get a card and a bunch of flowers… BUT if my husband hadn’t got me flowers today (14 February 2019) I’d have been disappointed! ❤️Oh how easily we are victims of clever marketing! And yes these flowers 💐 are gorgeous but he does buy me flowers at other times and we do love each other on the other days of the year too. I really hope you aren’t feeling sad today because this day of ‘love’ isn’t measuring up to an expectation that’s not real. 🥰Real love is more than cards and chocolates, real love is more than gestures and roses, and real love begins by loving ourselves. They say charity begins at home and I say love begins at home too. Our true home, which is inside ourselves. As Whitney sang ‘learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all’. We can only truly love another when we know how to love ourselves. 🌹 If you’re interested in learning more about self-love and self-compassion come along to my workshop this Sunday 17 February in @namasteyogabelfast – there are few spaces left. Book via Immeasurable Minds website. Sending you LOTS of LOVE 💗 today. Be kind to yourself. Be your own Valentine. You as much as anyone else deserve your own love and affection. Bxx 💖💕 #valentinesday#beyourownvalentine#loveyourselffirst#learningtoloveyourselfisthegreatestloveofall#heartsandflowers#cardsandroses#buyyourselfflowers

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