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Mindfulness is a path to optimal wellbeing, happiness and transformation. It is a path of love, joy, compassion and non-discrimination. It’s about paying attention, in a particular way without judgement and with kindness.

Self-compassion is learning to treat ourselves as our own best friend.

Immeasurable Minds aims to help with all of this. 

Me at TEDx Stormont
Bridgeen with Beddy

Who is Bridgeen?

Bridgeen is a mum and mindfulness teacher. A pioneer of mindfulness and mindful self-compassion classes for the general public in Northern Ireland. She has a Masters in Mindfulness Based Approaches (Msc) from Bangor University, is an accredited Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher, a qualified yoga teacher (YFNI), a round lover of the slow down movement. Read all about her here.

Mindfulness pink lotus

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a simple, practical tool to help us find calm and stability in the midst of our daily lives. It’s a form of mind training or meditation that has extremely beneficial results.
It works through training our intention, attention and attitude. Find out more about it here.


The best way to learn about mindfulness is to practice, the best way to practice is in a group with others. Find a class, course, workshop or retreat that suits you here.



What do other people think about Immeasurable Minds courses and classes? Find out in these reviews and testimonials. Bridgeen has reviews on Facebook, Google and Yell.com that you can check out too.

Workplace Wellbeing

Immeasurable Minds mindfulness and wellbeing classes can help you and your people more be more productive, creative and fulfilled. They can be delivered in person on via Zoom, click here to learn more.

Me at TEDx Stormont

In the media

Bridgeen has appeared often in local media over the years, most famously in her 2014 TEDx. To see and read more from her in the local papers, magazine's radio and TV click here.

Buddy with his tongue out

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Free guided audio meditations and information downloads, PLUS buy gift vouchers x

Kids Mindfullness

Mindfulness training for students in the classroom to enhance learning, attentiveness and performance.

Curious? What are the 4 Immeasurable Minds?

An explanation of the four Immeasurable Minds, and what they mean.